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    Latest Comments
    1. adriana

      He will win! no doubt!

    2. Bill Davis

      Trump pwned it.

    3. Worker Ant

      Can’t stump the Trump!

    4. Wayne

      Donald Trump, You’re Fired!

    5. Rommel Tamse

      why whites are more superior than the blacks in america. america should learn how to embrace the goodness of racial diversity

    6. mrakm

      who are the real terrorist? America.

    7. mrakm

      why blame muslims for terrorism and not blame America? America is the worse terrorist in the world!!!

    8. G COLLINS


    9. M0B33R

      HEY….You MORONS got your asses KICKED in the Civil War and it looks like you’ll need another good ass whopping so you’ll finally get the MESSAGE. YOU’RE SIDE LOST AND YOUR FLAG is nothing more than a RAG FOR WIPING ONES BUTT AFTER A GOOD OLE RUNNY CRAP.

    10. Mr. Universe

      Is this the heritage you really want to embrace? Moreover, is this the heritage you really expect us to embrace?

      • JustMe

        You really need to brush up on your history. In the past, Iran and the U.S. were great allies. In addition, good relations in Iran are critical for economic growth. You should probably educate yourself a little more about the Iranian culture. What you have heard or what you think about them may be distorted by biased media reviews.

        • Mr. Universe

          Was responding to a Confederate flag thing a couple of weeks ago. But since you brought it up, I’m old enough to remember the US intervention into Iran’s affairs that led to the hostage takeover at the embassy. I happen to agree with the current deal this administration has hammered out. There is every reason to make peace with Persia.

    11. phill


      Your flag was first flown in 1961. What happened around that time?
      It’s your “heritage”, afterall.

    12. Shirley Bruce

      Taking the stars and bars down will not remove the hate and ugliness people can do to each other. Integrity, is something people display when no one is watching.

      • Mr Universe

        True, but it will eliminate the complicity involved in kowtowing to the confederacy to keep resisting. Allowing the battle flag to continue waving over the capitol gives haters license to hate. Time to revoke the license.

    13. Wayne

      CNN said they weren’t going to give these mast murderers, thier 15 minutes of fame by mentioning thier names or showing thier picture on TV, but since the killings in Charleston, all I have heard and seen is information about this punk kid. Shame on you CNN!

    14. Pill Survivor


      in a few seconds

      Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by http://www.hulkusaa.com.

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