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  • phill


    Your flag was first flown in 1961. What happened around that time?
    It’s your “heritage”, afterall.

  • Shirley Bruce

    Taking the stars and bars down will not remove the hate and ugliness people can do to each other. Integrity, is something people display when no one is watching.

  • Wayne

    CNN said they weren’t going to give these mast murderers, thier 15 minutes of fame by mentioning thier names or showing thier picture on TV, but since the killings in Charleston, all I have heard and seen is information about this punk kid. Shame on you CNN!

  • Pill Survivor


    in a few seconds

    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by

  • ScrewOff

    Heritage, not hate.
    As a Southerner, this whole “take down the Confederate flag” shit is n attack on my heritage, yo liberals can fuck right off.

  • Kamer

    Racism is a state of mind. It cannot be stopped by putting in place any forms of laws. there are always ways to bend any law without breaking them. Racism still has a long time to be extinct. It requires complete mind renewal. which is a gradual process. no amount of protest and burning of buildings will stop racism.

    • FuckYou

      lol, why are you even posting this stupid shit here.
      Go be a victim somewhere else.

    • StevenCee

      “Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless” . . . – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Kamer

      another shooting again.. another hate crime. right in the Church. Lord Help us

  • DJMS Otaku Council

    HELP, please help, terrorist are trying to take over the philippines…. and the government is actually trying to negotiate with them!!!!!

    This is insane!!!

    The government should not negotiate with terrorist… >.<

    • rob bennett

      Help?? here wee yu when you kicked us out of Subic Bay Naval Base and the Air Force Base? Now you want help? Help your fricking self.

  • http://cnn roger


  • Maryann Moon

    I am aware that you’re now talking what the U.S. ought to do about ISIS.
    The ISIS that we seem to have experienced does NOT exist. This, of course,
    is not believed by a large portion of the world. I read what are called HEAVEN LETTERS daily, they are true LOVE LETTERS FROM GOD. THAT WONDROUS
    SPIRIT tells us always – in these LOVE LETTERS – that the whole world is a dream.
    It is the human mind imagining mostly nightmares – such as ISIS. Only GOD’S Truth is TRUE.
    The world of negativity , darkness and evil has no REALITY to GOD. What
    GOD creates is LOVE, PEACE, MERCY, JOY , WHOLENESS. ONENESS – all the rest is illusion, pure fiction.

    If we choose to give ISIS our belief that they hold any truth or reality, we can, from an insane point of view, but what GOD knows is True is the ONLY TRUTH.
    point of view, but what GOD knows IS TRUE -is the ONLY TRUTH.
    God ‘s Truth HAS NO OPPOSITE . In the world, there are opposites everywhere , and

    I find it wondrously comforting to realize that Peace and Love are truly inevitable
    and the world at this time, is truly awakening from this entire insane dream.

    GOD BLESS CNN. maryann moon

  • TheseNutts

    Those ” Thugs” really tore up Waco, Texas huh?

  • jack

    Considering the number of unarmed black people that white people have raped and murdered in the last 400 years white people should be thankful that the U.S. has not devolved into a Rwanda, Serbia, or worse.

    • John D

      That comment is just ridiculous … Black people have killed just as many as their own.. and at a rate I would assume quickly surpassed any head start Whitey may have had during the slave days. There were probably 25 black on black killings in south Chicago last night. We just stopped hearing about it because racial terrorists like Rev Jackson don’t care about black people if he cant make a dollar off it.

    • nigger

      You mean Arab people raping unarmed black people right?

    • GetRedPilled

      Just a reminder that Blacks only make up 13-14% of the US population and commit 70% of all violent crime in the USA

    • LOLintoStatistics

      60,000 blacks were the victim of white on black violence.
      320,000 whites were the victims of black on white violence.
      In 2012, there were quite literally around 50 white on black rapes, at tops
      In the same year, thousands of whites were raped by blacks.
      Don’t hold the whites of today responsible for the actions of our ancestors.

  • Racism Sucks

    why don’t you post your facebook ? so I can find someone in your town to come see what your about. you know….white people are the biggest cowards ever. you people put no fear in nobodys heart and yall cant stand it. LOL sucks to be you. I can appreciate a racist willing to get his has whopped for what he believes in but you are just a coward. #BlackLivesMatter

  • @robespierre

    @robespierre… great point moron… blame “liberals” for the plight of justice inequalities because you think you hold some intellectual capital that you obviously do not. There is no poitical party specifically to blame for the current issues… you speak from an origin of sheer ignorance and mindless rhetoric.

  • Dan

    Well said sir.

  • Yessir

    Can’t be said enough times. Naive people wake up everyday, it gets tiresome doing it politely, but we need everyone we can get. Your TV is STILL lying to you.