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Watch free streaming for news live. Fox news live streaming. Fox news is news oriented  channel bringing latest news from around the globe. Fox news was launched in 1990 and seen as most watched news channel in USA and Canada. Fox news is renowned for his fair and balance journalism ethics with dedicated team of journalist all over the world. Fox news is seen in 112 millions household in America on paid satellite So people Watch fox news live streaming free on the internet.
Fox News has gained popularity in limited time and has become first choice of American people. But Fox news is criticised for having soft corner for conservatives party. Fox news live telecast many programmes which includes
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  • BRadFord

    WE don’t have to accept a damn thing. Get off your laurels and fight for freedom. As some people in the white house, congress and the supreme courts will accept bribes to destroy America it will take Americans that will not accept any compromise in the Constitution or The Bill Of Rights to save Liberty.
    Get up and save freedom. Death to tyranny and slavery imposed by corporate owned government. To hell with the corporatocracy and those that wish to impose it.
    America, one Nation under God.

  • Rhonda Thompson

    trump 2016

  • Rhonda Thompson

    our soldiers go fight for our freedoms just to come home to illegals running over our country

  • Cheryll Sanders

    I think America should just go back to communism. It’d be better for all of us

  • rob bennett

    KARL ROVE: SHUT THE F*CK UP AND SIMPLY GO AWAY. Your another idiot who never wants change. You Somehow expect the CUBAN PEOPLE TO overcome the daily propaganda fed to them without experiencing one on one meetings and greeting with the AMerican People. How in the HELL do you think East Germany and The USSR fell? AGAIN KARL, TAKE YOUR OLD SCHOOL, NIXON THINKING AND GO AWAY.

    • Jei Ke

      Cubans have little or no access to social media or the internet for that matter. They, like North Korea, have a government issued view of the US and the world. They must have direct communication with the US and its citizens as well as Social Media to break free from the conditioning imposed on them from this atrocious regime. Though Karl Rove is a smart guy, this is a new age.

  • rob bennett

    Kelly, now stop and think this through. If Matt only had a .20GA shotgun in his possession, and a “BULLET” HOLE WA FOUND IN THE CAMPER AND IT WAS DETERMINED THAT THE ROUND WAS FIRED from the general vicinity of where Matt was, the SOMEONE had either a rifle or pistol. Shotguns do not fire bullets.

    • STEVE S


    • W

      Shotguns also shoot slugs. A 20ga. slug is approximately .62 caliber and will make a substantial hole in anything it hits within 50+ yards.

  • Arthur Facteau

    This is a sad day for us all, all states now have no choice but to accept same sex marriage. Sodom and Gomorrah anyone? So much for a states rights.

    • mickymanatiso

      Sodom and Gomorrah wasn’t about same sex relations . Read the story .

    • Walter

      WE don’t have to except a damn thing from people that accept bribes and ignore the law of the land. When corruption is the name of the game it has to be terminated.

  • bruce banner

    P.Diddy throwing “dangerous kettle bell” at a coach? Yeah big news, almost as bad as when their reporter hurled a double edged axe at a guy.

    • rob bennett

      Bruce, Bruce Bruce. If you can’t tell the difference between an incompetent reporter doing some shtick and missing and a thug who can’t leave his brown son alone at COLLEGE football practice hurling a dangerous weapon at a coach who yelled at sonny boy. you really shouldn’t either comment or vote.

  • Merlyn Mason

    A James Taylor album featuring Sting and Yo Yo Ma is a sure sign of the coming apocalypse.

  • rob bennett

    Megan Kelly stated last night that she would NOT mention this cowards name or show his image an implored other media too the same. I notice that the morning crew has ignored her, There is a reason she is in Prime Time and your stuck with the folks who ave noting to o. QUIT GIVING THIS COWARD THE GLORY BY IDENTIFYING HIM BY NAME.

  • walter

    It is a very sad affair when sick individuals take out their anger on innocent people.
    When an individual kills innocent people it is a crime against all of us but sadly in America it is a political opportunity for government to take away all Americans Rights
    to Defend Themselves from individuals and an even greater threat,
    “Corrupt Government.”
    When government takes the rights of citizens to defend themselves millions
    of innocent people are killed by corrupt and tyrannical governments.
    Stalin killed over 20 million unarmed innocent people.
    Communist China killed over 60 million.
    Nazi Germany took away the peoples right to defend themselves and
    untold millions of people were killed
    Nancy Pelosi said never let a good opportunity go to waste.
    When an individual is killed it is a true tragedy.
    When governments kill millions of people it is called a statistic
    or the collateral damage of war.
    We can all feel sorrow for the loss of another human being and the pain these families must bearing.
    It is not an opportunity of government and the media to take away our
    Constitutional right to defend ourselves.

  • Serg

    Iraqis don’t want to fight and this is the same situation we had in Vietnam. Most people really don’t care what happens to their country because of religious believes. We are fools to spend another dime or risk another life in Iraq given the current situation. After almost thirteen years of pumping money, injuring and losing our young people, is time to take a new direction.

    • Walter

      The only explanation for this disastrous war of capturing territory only to give it away again and leave thousands of brave soldiers dead and billions of taxpayer funded weapons behind in the hands of the enemy is War is profitable for the Federal Reserve.
      Americans should be infuriated with the so called elected leaders.
      The corporation of the united states works to tax Americans for the profits of the criminal cartel of the federal reserve.
      WE no longer have any representation in the corporation.
      Take stock in America not bankers and politicians.

  • Phil

    Why are you so upset about a woman saying shes black but Bruce Jenner is OK what the F@@k. You people need to look twice at what you are shocked at. Bruce Jenner and Vanity fair should be taken off TV. It is totally disgusting and should not be advertised as OK. Save our children from this Obama Nation.

  • walter

    When Murderers can escape from a “maximum” security prison
    what is to keep murderers, criminals of all kinds, from all over the world
    and terrorists to walk right across thousands of, “UNPROTECTED BORDERS?”
    Nothing but a border control that has been ordered to stand down.
    The fact is the fraud in the white house is not doing his job to protect our borders or American soldiers abroad.
    The next con men and “women” that are selling out America for votes, money and your tax dollars to illegal aliens will purposely sell our freedom, sovereignty and America for their own personal gains and or by orders from private bankers that own government. It has already been done.
    Read Senate Report 93-549
    This fraudulent government is destroying America and will not offer any solution to protect Americans.
    Only Americans will be able to halt and put an end to the enslavement of
    FREE PEOPLE and government that has forgotten who Americans are and for whom they work for. The People.

  • walter

    More people of ,”color” are killed by planned parent “hood”
    every hour than those killed in the line of duty to protect and serve
    in America every year. Over 3000 Americans are killed everyday
    by taxpayer funded abortion. Almost all are poor people of all colors.
    Where is Al Sharpton and the frauds like obama protesting this statistic?
    Twelve Americans or more are killed by illegal aliens everyday.
    Who knows how many are sexually assaulted or violated
    in some way by illegal aliens each day from all over the world
    as our borders are not secure.
    WE the People are not some kind of hyphenated people of color.
    WE are all Americans no matter what color WE are.
    Are you, “AMERICAN” or not?

    • Jeff

      Right over the target!

  • walter

    WE don’t need to pass anymore bills like ,”The Freedom Act.”
    WE the People have ONE~!
    If “government” for The People would obey “THE LAW”
    WE would not be having this conversation.
    The same conversation Americans had with King George.
    Warrant less search and seizure is what so many Americans fought and died for.
    Freedom and Liberty.

    • Serg

      We created the Patriot Act in order to fight terrorism. We had lost the ability to do intelligence work over the years and this has hurt us a number of times most noticeable 9/11 and the War in Iraq. Both tragedies because we did not have enough information.
      Today this country is full of people that are potential terrorist and I hope we don’t have another terrorist act because of the inability to gather information. If we get upset in reference to why this country was born in the first place, we need to talk about taxes and spending. Taxation was one of the main reasons the population in today’s USA decided to fight for independence. We are not in the 1700’s anymore and need to adapt to new issues and solutions to our problems.

      • walter

        “Read” Senate Report 93-549
        and the Virginia Charter 1606
        It is very interesting.
        You may be surprised to find out that WE are still in the 1700’s
        no matter what we have been taught in public “indoctrination” schools.
        It also very true that those who trade liberty and freedom for security will have neither.
        The T.S.A just failed 97% out of a 100% and it is very odd that
        Dick Chaney ordered N.O.R.A.D to Stand Down before and during
        the attacks on The World Trade Buildings and Building #7 ?????

      • walter

        The Lusitania was sunk to drag Americans into WWI.
        Information about Pearl Harbor before hand was ignored for the profits of WWII.
        NORAD and Air Force fighters we ordered to stand down by Dick Cheney before and during 9/11.
        The T.S.A. just flunked 97% out of 100% on bomb detecting drills.
        The farce of obama said the Iraq war was over.
        Then WE were told there was a strategy to eliminate I.S.I.S. and WE are winning the war.
        Now at the G7 summit obama tells foreigners in Europe WE have
        no complete strategy to stop the war in the middle east.
        The intelligent community is a wasteful oxymoron that puts all
        Americans and the world at risk when on the ground information and intelligent’s is ignored.
        Where was the help for our brave soldiers in Benghazi after they requested military assistance? Something is very wrong or part of an agenda.

    • Dan fager

      Well Said! Exactly Right and worth repeating often …anyplace …anytime. Thanks

    • Hydro

      It isn’t beyond reasoning – we may have to take our country back from the politicians who believe they are smarter than the electorate that put them in office. Really think about it – approximately 575 politicians are controlling 300 Million Americans. They have honestly deserted our Constitution and we have a rogue president that makes laws up as he chooses. It is our fault – First for putting these idiots into office over and over and we don’t stand up to them .

  • Jesse Hellinger

    The Greg Gutfeld Show is a punch to the gut and a waste of resources. I’m a fan of Fox News and I like what Mr Greg Gutfeld brings to the Five but his namesake is childish and all over the place along with poorly written. Sorry
    Jesse Newport Wa.

  • walter

    The fraud, coward and traitor in the white house say’s
    “We are not losing the war with ISIS,” he is lying. This fraud is purposely negotiating with terrorists and even trading a deserter for terrorist murderers. This traitor will go so far as to “give” Iran the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons, behind closed doors, against the security and will of the American People.
    Think about it. Every campaign promise this fraud has made has only turned out to be fraud and flat out lies. “You can keep your insurance.” ” The borders are secure.”
    “The war in Iraq is over.”
    And when these commentators say,”WE,”
    Who are they talking about? This administration has removed “WE” from the equation.
    We the American people have no voice or representation when executive orders override the will of the people. ” WE,” have no voice in the decisions made by a fraud that has failed to honor the Constitution and has proclaimed himself as the dictator of America. This fraud needs to be arrested for failure to honor the oath of office and treason.

    • DaveR

      Well said my friend !

    • Donna

      I couldn’t have said it better Walter!!

  • Serg

    I see FOX news still has Mike Fuhrman as a contributor former LA Police. This known racist individual is making comments about racism. Wake up and get an honest person instead.

    • Omar Kahlid

      You really are one ignorant fuck. Yes YOU have never called a black a n, never called a white a cracker or racist, (that makes you the racist bigot), not called an Hispanic some racial slur. Ignorant and liar you are. Furman admitted to using the nnnn word so that makes him racist. I think that makes him human and honest.

      • Goldstien

        towel heads lmao

      • Serg

        Omar: quit riding a one hump camel and you’ll be feeling better!

    • DaveR

      When you are watching msnbc, do you say the same thing about the flaming racist Sharpton ?

  • james

    love forx news

  • Serg

    Regarding Iraq: We have been training the Iraqis for years and years. ISIS has now taken a city only 70 miles from Baghdad. Given the fact all these trained Iraqis run when they are attacked what else can we do? More training, losing more lives by sending ground troops, more equipment so ISIS can capture it? It is time these people fight for themselves or suffer the consequences.

  • Charles Fleeman

    Actually, Ben Stein, the Black Plague aftermath led to greater wealth for the poor. The reason? Smaller work force and greater competition for labor. That is the only way to lift up the poor. Overpopulation is the cause of income inequality, decreasing population will reverse income inequality.

    • TheBP

      So true. Especially the northern Mediterranean from Spain to Italy to Greece. Records show a malnourished population before the plague. Shortly after the plague the populace was eating as they should have been. Landownership went up as did the economy. The History Channel did an excellent series on the plague…before, during, and after.

  • Charles

    Walter is absolutely correct..If any of the people who commented in disbelief about what Walter said,they obviously don’t know how to read or don’t know American History!!Locking the doors on the Fedral Reserve would initially cause chaos,however prices would be adjusted to Reality..What people can afford to pay for a house,car,etc..Federal Reserve uses”FIAT”money(Fake),to loan money to Federal Goverment and in return we give up our hard working dollars to pay back loans to federal Goverment!!Please Read::Creature From Jekyll Island..This explains How and Why the Fedral Reserve System was created by a few men in 1914…

  • Charles

    Yes,I wish all American people would listen to what you have mentioned about the Fedral Reserve..You are 100 percent correct!!!How does one,who is Highly educated,agree to be chairman or woman..of a Company that is Totally Not Real???Problem is..Most Americans don’t care or want to know how things work…As long as they get their check on Friday that’s all that matters..Terrible

    • Martin W

      How can Americans move to other countries go get factory jobs. Does anyone know? If Americans could move to other countries to do their old jobs, I think this could solve alot of problems.

  • william

    Having our President dislike Fox News is probably this best PR they could possibly receive. Of course thats only my opinion…….

  • walter

    There is a path to citizenship. The government has failed to protect our borders
    and those illegal aliens that have not entered the country through the legal manor
    are here illegally,”period.”
    The fraud in the white house and Hillary are working for the cartel of the Federal Reserve and not the American people. The criminal cartel of the Federal Reserve has an agenda to dissolve our borders, take away our sovereignty and unite Canada, America and Mexico under one currency called the AMERO.
    It’s all about profits for the criminal cartel that owns American government.
    The government has purposely allowed millions of “illegal aliens” into the country
    as these are the orders from the Federal Reserve that controls America and it’s
    This white house will not protect our borders and has made it clear that the dictatorship of the office of the president will not honor the Constitution,
    The Bill of Rights or protect our borders from either illegal aliens, murderers,
    rapist and terrorists.
    Unless the American People remove the criminal cartel of the Federal Reserve that is not federal and has no reserve, WE the People have no representation in the privately owned government of the United States, will be enslaved by a never ending
    debt and treated no better than livestock. Wake up Americans and take “your”
    America out of the control of corrupt tyrants.

    • Craig

      Well said but I’m not sure what “we the people” are actually supposed to do or what it would take to join people to a common cause. It seems if you have no money or no influence then you have no skin in the game and are just another turd along for the ride in what feels like nothing more than an America hating liberal cesspool with a race-baiting parasite at the helm.

      • walter

        It is the job of the fraud in the white house to give his master,
        “the Federal Reserve” everything they want and to misdirect and divide the American people against each other to prevent US from focusing on the real threat to Americans. The not Federal and has no Reserve
        criminal cartel that controls government with the press that prints fiat
        counterfeit currency.

    • Serg

      This is just the tip of the Ice burg. Now the government wants to bring up to 30,000 (thirty thousand ) refugees from Syria. I believe this is one of Obama’s hidden agenda to change demographics and religious tendencies in the USA. This action will also guarantee to produce terrorist acts in the future right on our back yard.

  • ikihi

    you are just another democrat liar. cops protect our community.

  • Tyronne

    He aint donuffin, whiteys always opressing us. FO Realz FO gov: DAS RACIS

    • jwd

      tyrone is a ignorant fool!

  • dindu nuffins

    Freddy “I snitched on you niggers” Gray

  • bitsygirl

    God knows the truth. I believe the police should walk off the job and see what
    happens. They are under tremendous pressure all the time. I had a friend that
    had to deal with crime in East L.A. You could not turn your back on these people.
    They would just as soon kill you .

    God Bless the Police and I hope the truth comes out. But with everybody being
    African American in the government I doubt it.