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    1. BRadFord

      Think Jeb Bush gets his military advice from the same Nazi sympathizers Prescott Bush supported in his attempt to overthrow America when he supported
      Hitler with his Wall Street comrades?

    2. Walter Pashi

      All Mexicans just produce babies in USA

    3. Walter Pashi

      Ok no matter what making baby gives legal way immigrant rights for parents ?

    4. SA

      FOX NEWS must be desperate bringing in Allan Combs to give us an opinion. Allan Combs is an unconditional socialist and Clinton lover. Defending all the Hillary’s mistakes over Benghazi and possible felony charges for using a private server for government business containing classified information, for no releasing the emails to the investigating committee, and by erasing a server containing government information. If an ordinary person would hold this information for twenty months she would be in jail. Of late she’s appealing to patriotism and trying to get an emotional reaction from her followers to make up for her ineptness as a Secretary of State.

    5. Steve

      Why does Fox News Friends have Geraldo on the show. He is so liberal and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Clinton email server was had no criminal intent??? Please!

    6. SA

      The more I listen to Carly Fiorina the less I like her. Wage inequality is something we can not control and can only improve by having permanent and better employment. Legislating wages is not part of capitalism and will destroy us.Carly Fiorina reminds me of O r b a m a when he got started. She has accomplished absolutely nothing as a business person. She was good enough to win the debate against the junior candidate group because she’s well spoken. I can see how she got to the top of Hewlett Packard but once she got the top job could not get the job done, so they got rid of her. I don’t think we need another person who’s a good speaker we have one of them in the White House now. What we need is somebody that can build a team to solve real issues such as economy and invasion of undesirable people in the US. The fact that she’s already
      talking down the lead person in the primary shows a lot of arrogance and lack
      of caution because, this can result in a negative for her down the road with
      Trump supporters. I was impressed with her performance in the first debate so I
      checked her record (awful) and I can tell you she will not get my vote in the
      primaries or general election. Of late FOX is helping her campaign via Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace.

    7. James Clark

      Your an idiot and probably a traitor as well. I am not afraid of “brown people” but I detest their arrogance and stupidity. Your a typical democrat, you’ve never seen a dead baby you didn’t like.

    8. Serg

      We have way to much influence by the media as
      they don’t just report but we get a free editorial every single time. There is
      bias and now every network is favoring certain politicians. Is not funny
      because regardless of your political views it means the media is trying to
      control our candidates and our country. The media on the left and on the right
      want to brain wash all of us and do what they think is right. The truth of the
      matter is they live in a make believe world where most of them never had to
      work for a living outside the media and do not qualify to tell the rest of us
      how we should vote. In the case of Megyn Kelly she believes to be
      intellectually superior being a Lawyer and Donald Trump having an economy
      degree, this message comes loud and clear in her show. Nobody is free of
      sticking their foot in their mouth but she went out of her way to put down
      Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly said one on national TV that Santa Claus was white,
      accused his ex of cheating and other miscellaneous stupid statements. I don’t care about that but will not forgive
      her for her despicable performance at the second debate. Then the next day Chris Wallace was analyzing
      his own performance filling in for Bill O Reilly how ridiculous is that? These
      news people declared the debate a success because it produced 24 million
      viewers. The truth of the matter is the viewers did not turn on the TV to watch
      the hosts but the candidates so they can not claim this for themselves. The new
      boycott in Atlanta
      in a political event against Mr. Trump and the invitation of Megyn Kelly in his
      place is evidence we are corrupted to the core. If Megyn has any moral values
      left should not attend that event after all is she running for president, is
      she going to determined the future of this country? Megyn Kelly, Bret Breier
      and Chris Wallace should analyze their performance, question made answers
      interruptions, watch the entire show a couple of times and see how foolish they
      were, so they don’t let this happen again.

    9. Zythor Ebonlock

      Republicans=Dumb on social issues, great on world issues. All the repubs need is to at least ACCEPT gay marriage, and ACCEPT that legal abortion has been law for 40 years. If they do this, they can keep the white house 100%.

    10. SA

      Cardinal Dolan is a communist thug. I have no respect for religious people who live in a make believe world and then get emotional about politics and insult people that work for a living.

    11. BRadFord

      America has enough problems with the citizen criminals in society and government that have not been addressed and are seriously getting out of control and most probably by design.
      It is unconscionable for any fool to believe that inheriting the criminals, murderers and outcasts of foreign nations here “illegally” are going to benefit America. There is a pathway to legal citizenship that is designed to protect Americans. Government has failed in the main priority to protect Americans and protect our borders.
      It is a dereliction of duty for government to have allowed millions of illegal aliens into America and the best idea this fraudulent government can come up with is to excuse their failure by giving millions of illegal aliens amnesty at an additional cost to American security and taxes.
      Giving criminals privilege over American citizens only benefits criminals and corruption. There is no logic or good reason for this idiotic and tragic opinion that rewarding criminals is good for Americans. Wake Up.

    12. Slowburn

      Wow, surprised your post didn’t get deleted….

    13. Slowburn

      This board is broke!

    14. Slowburn

      Wow, who controls this MB, you delete anybody with a different view??? You only want to hear stuff you already know, or think is true, PURE IGNORANCE!!!

    15. Grampawr

      Ben Carson was the only one who correctly identified the enemy of The United States as it was constituted. Progressivism and all its subsidiaries: Socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism and all other tyrannical isms.

    16. whocares

      So then his grand mother who said she was present at his birth in Africa was a liar. Yeahhhhhhhhhh about that. I bet you will never hear or see that on the alphabet soup mix.

    17. whocares

      Tell that to the kings and queens and the politicians. They made those choices. How many of those white people who came here in the 1600s are related to and have married into native families. You are insane. The first nationers fought to cut ties with the royals so why climb back in the butt of being owned by the democrats. The best chance we as a nation of the people of the USA is to vote for a outsider like Trump. When will you decide to own yourself?

    18. SA

      FOX debate hosts attacked Trump with almost every question in a couple of
      occasions he was interrupted by the “debate idiot” Rand Paul. Donald Trump is
      not a politician’s lawyer he’s a business man. I think FOX hosts wanted to show
      Trump how good they were and did a poor job hosting the debate. It was obvious
      they don’t like Trump and it was almost shameful how they tried to embarrass
      him in public. Bret Breier kept asking for proof about criminals Trump said
      comes across the border, (like if he was in a court case). Then he asked about
      going bankrupt a four times and Trump said he never went bankrupt personally. Bret
      Breier jumped in saying “that’s your line”. Then Trump said but four
      of his businesses did go bankrupt out of hundreds of transactions. Saying what
      Bret Breier said was no a proper thing to do and this confirms my suspicion
      Bret Breier is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    19. Shwarz

      Trump lost.. Always the same shit lol. In my opinion Bush won.

      • bobbyk

        you would be a crap analyst, just like the kraut hammer

      • Arthur Charette

        bush got destroyed, trump won, every poll sais so

    20. michael

      Man the only one on that stage worth a damn thing is Rand Paul! why are we even debating this? i mean if not Rand Paul it must be Ted Cruz. Although I really don’t like Ted Cruz too much he’s better than Trump,Carson,Jeb,Rubio or any of the others by far….

      Rand Paul 2016!!!!

    21. A mother

      Wow, Bush talking out of both sides of his mouth on education yes to common core, No the Feds hove no right to tell you what to on how to educate, should be state’s decision. Which is it feds or state

    22. Tripp

      you dont have to deport anyone, you fine them harshly to stay, they will never be citizens, they are never entitled to any benefits

    23. Tripp

      martha is is stunning tonight

    24. BRadFord

      The biggest threat to America is the Federal Reserve, “PERIOD”
      This criminal cartel owns government the media and WE are nothing but livestock to these globalist bankers that control all our lives for their profits.
      All this political illusion is pure deception. Unless anyone is brave enough to stand up for America and remove this criminal corporation that profits from war,
      “The Federal Reserve” from America and our lives WE will remain enslaved by
      the true enemy of America and the world.
      All of this political deception is worthless when Americans do not control
      or elect any of the private cartel that controls are hard earned money and wealth. Return America and our money to the people that the Constitution delivers to
      The People.

    25. DCSquibbsr

      They don’t tell you that a large portion of that twitter conversation is negative

    26. Wearenotademocracy

      I don’t know about Cruz but McCain was born on US soil. As for Obama he he could have been born in the heartland of this country and it wouldn’t matter because he is not an American in his heart. He hates this country and it’s people and he is tearing it apart right before our eyes.

      Also, his legal name from his adoption is Barry Soetoro. When did he change his name and where are the documents?

      • Slowburn

        I would engage your comment, but for no reason at all, my comment was deleted!! You guys preach against communism on here, yet if you speak with a different view, then your comments are deleted on here!! Pure Hypocrisy!!

    27. BRadFord

      H.R. 4310 was passed into law 12-29-2012. This law gives government the right to use media ,”the News,” for the purposes of disinformation and propaganda on the American people. This law gives government authority to “Stage” events and broadcast them on corporate media as the truth to suit the agenda of any given party at the helm of government. This is not hard to believe from a government that profits from selling human body parts.
      Why has this not been presented by the “National Media?” The media does not want Americans to know that the “News” can be scripted and staged, in a studio like another episode of ,” I LOVE LUCY “

    28. BRadFord

      If Ted Cruz has been leading the fight on “illegal” immigration for a decade
      and is still losing WE need another fighter in the ring. Not another politician smacking his gums just to get elected. Americans don’t want anymore debates.
      Americans want actions not words.

    29. BRadFord

      Defending the Bush name? Why don’t you mention your great grandfather,
      Prescott Bush served time in prison for supporting Hitler and was convicted of conspiring with the enemy? A Wall Street banker and politician that sponsored a Nazi coup to take over America.Is your dad perfect because he is Nazi leader?”
      Wake up America !!! Hitler may be dead but,
      the Nazi party is alive and well in the Bush family.

    30. Chris Luke Cromwell

      Wait are you referring to the white Democrats, because they were the ones who oppressed the Native Americans. Example Andrew Jackson, one of the founders of the Democratic Party.

    31. SA

      Communism and socialism are shades of the same colors and this administration has used text book communist tactics. One of them is to create conflict such as rich and poor, men and women, black and white etc. They have done this continuously. Then tons of new regulations use of public lands, moratorium on oil drilling of the coast and Alaska. Then when oil was discover in private land in S Dakota this guy (leader) had the nerve to take credit for that! Promoting hate between the rich and the poor is the essence of communist propaganda. This is how a government justifies controlling the population and create a following. The same applies with government programs which this government advertised continuously over the radio. Another communist tactic which is to create dependency. One you have people emotionally involved, hating the rich, hating the so called racist and so on you have lifetime support. I do know about this, I know people who trained to achieve just what I am talking about. The problem is that most people do not realize what’s happening right now. This government has made some very important changes that leaves the table ready to be served with communism. another movement created by the government is the $15 minimum wage. O r b a m a has raised the federal employees wages to $10 per hour and they support $15 for the rest of the minimum wage workers. They are talking about inequality of wages, this my friend is straight communism jargon. When we start legislating wages, controlling prices, creating dependency we are there already! This is what places like Cuba is doing and it does not work! Any of these socialist or communist candidates can finish with this country as we know it today. Both front runners for the Democratic party are doing just that. Beware!

      • John 'Genryu'

        My god are many Americans as poorly educated as you? You don’t even know what words like socialism and communism mean. So funny.

      • BRadFord

        Thank’s for pointing out the truth of this communist sponsored traitor and self appointed dictator of America. Our government has been purchased by the criminals that control the Federal Reserve. Until Americans abolish this scheme created by private bankers to enslave all Americans and control government through debt and the purchasing power of counterfeit fiat I.O.U.’s all this fraud of elections and the people represented by elected officials is a hoax and the death of America.
        This fraud will collapse sooner than later and Americans should unite now and suffer the the hardship it will take to take our Republic back while WE still have some resemblance of freedom. Only cowards would kick this can down the road any farther to be inherited by their children and grandchildren.
        True Americans will fight to prevent their children from inheriting slavery.

      • Chuck Finley

        Bernie Sanders 2016 – a true man of the people – despite what fearmongers like SA might want you to believe! Do your own research – google his 12 Point Economic Plan and see if you don’t agree!

      • BrandonYo

        Damn, you need to go back to sixth grade social studies and learn the definition of communism and socialism.

      • David Farris

        Ignorant post. I am a 100% commie pinko and these clowns are not even close. The way the socialist will take over is to educate the proletariat. In amurkkka that is impossible because they are uneducated and mostly not engaged. More worried about penis enhancers and hair growth. So the alternate way is to have some type of revolution, you pick the scenario, that starts to nationalize corporations. Now the peasant class, which I am sure you’re a member of has to be led into this as well. They actually have the most to gain, but once again, retard amurkka. So it looks like it’s up to the petit bourgeoisie , those despicable democrats who can’t lead a revolution. Yes creating hate between the have and have not works in educated countries not in retard amurkka. Retard amurkkka loves their oligarch overlords because they think one day they will be allowed to be one. Dumb.

    32. SA

      Who cares what Dolan the Cardinal says about Donald Trump. He needs to be talking about how they are going to get rid of degenerates in the Catholic Church.

    33. SA

      Black people are 90% racist. They voted for Obama second term unconditionally because he did practically nothing for black people aside creating hate.

    34. BRadFord

      What can’t you understand about being in America illegally? This man is a criminal by being in America illegally “period.”
      My son lost his young life and his pregnant girlfriend was raped by an illegal alien that had been deported once before.
      This fraud in the white house is guilty of murder by allowing these murdering rapists to be in America. How many more thousands of Americans will die before the traitor in the white house is charged with treason and arrested?

      • Rachel Dwane

        By that logic then all legal aliens who rape and kill should be removed from America too

        • BRadFord

          Murderers and rapist should be removed from any society,

        • BRadFord

          Murderers and rapist should be removed from any society. Not housed and fed in prisons for profit by the courts and private enterprise at the expense and extortion of American tax dollars. With plea bargains, parol or relaxed sentences rather than “capital punishment” for these crimes that take and ruin the lives of any human beings these criminals are eventually released back into society to commit these heinous despicable crimes again and again. My son lost his young life and his pregnant girlfriend was raped by an illegal alien that had been deported for the rape of young girls once before and my family is only one of thousands that have lost loved ones and been traumatised because of government failing to do their job and the bleeding heart sympathisers that show mercy to murderers and rapist disregarding justice for victims and their families.
          God forbid that anyone should have to feel and suffer the loss of any family member or innocent person to a two time offender of murder or rape. Shame on people that believe criminals have more rights than any victims.

    35. andre_lefebvre

      SARAH PALIN – ANSWER THE QUESTION! PP founder Margaret Sanger, created PP to “help” poor people of “lower intelligence” to NOT give birth so that society would be “cleansed” and a purer race would thrive. That’s why you have a confederate flag juxtaposed to PP’s logo – they kill and destroy more non-white lives than any others, BUT WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? And that was the point you should have made, Mrs Palin…

    36. M. N.

      Go get a real education and then we can talk…

    37. BRadFord

      And why is this Tom Brady and the corruption in the N.F.L. more important than than the fraud in the white house negotiating with terrorists or the fact that
      madam Hillary destroyed public records and compromised national security.
      If WE the people do not take care of the corruption in our government there
      will be no more football.
      Sports is irrelevant in comparison to Compromised National Security and the fact that a government agency is profiting from selling the body parts of innocent unborn children for profit to buy murdering executives fancy cars and fine wine.
      The Romans used gladiatorial games to distract the mob from the corruption of government. This corrupt government is using football as a distraction from the fact that we are being robbed of our wealth and freedom from corrupt government.
      Get your priorities right or buying tickets for sporting events will be the last thing on your agenda.

    38. BRadFord

      Deportation makes no difference when illegal aliens are allowed to return.
      My son lost his young life and his pregnant girlfriend was raped by an “illegal alien,” that had been deported once before for the rape of young girls.
      American representatives are trading American security for nothing more than votes and the tax value of livestock to the federal reserve.
      How many more thousands of Americans will be murdered, raped or violated in some manor by, “illegal aliens,” before WE place these traitors in chains that have no value for American lives?

      • shredmaster

        this country needs war, war against this rogue out of control government… these politicians have declared war on Americans everywhere. The agitators (Marxist’s) are in charge and destroying our country. Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves right now and have been for a very long time.

    39. BRadFord

      Deporting doesn’t make any difference if the same rapist and murderers are allowed to return.My son lost his young life and his pregnant girlfriend was raped by an illegal alien that had been deported once before for the rape of young girls.’
      Our representatives are trading American security for votes and the tax value of livestock.

      • whocares

        I am so sorry our government refuses to protect it’s own citizens. Is their any wonder why Trump is our front runner? We as a nation deserve better. Your story is heart breaking. So sorry for your loss. It is much more wide spread than most people think or are willing to admit.

    40. Rhonda Thompson

      china built a boarder they dont want to controlle illegals comming into this country trump 2016

      • Chris Luke Cromwell

        The Great Wall of China actually never kept the Huns out of China, what we need is to allow easier avenues to become a legal resident and later a citizen. We also need to get rid of sanctuary cities which can attract illegal aliens that are criminals. Trump won’t help solve this.

        • Wearenotademocracy

          What we need is to enforce the laws we already have and fine companies that hire illegals.

          No one that has come to this country illegally should. be allowed to become a citizen. No illegal should be allowed to collect welfare, obamacare subsidies, adc, etc.

          However I am against a wall because walls can keep people in as well as out.

    41. Jei Ke

      I dont care what people say, we are ready and in need of Donald Trumph, a no nonsense, strait talking, words to action, non political, not for sale kind of guy.

      • Chris Luke Cromwell

        I’m not sure you can say that he isn’t for sale since he has changed almost all of his political views which were Liberal at one point. He hasn’t given me enough of a reason to believe that he ‘saw the light’. I think his act is a guise for his push to gain more power. Also Rand Paul pretty much is a straight talking, words to action, non-political (he’s a doctor), not for sale kind of guy.

        • whocares

          So was President Raegan. People do mature out of liberalism. Some people never grow up but I believe in Trump. This country deserves a man who knows how to make money and when to go bankrupt and how to do these things in OUR favor.

    42. SignalSixSix

      I want to make whoopie with Megyn.

    43. rob bennett

      Nevermind, I’ll just watch reguar fox and comment on a thread that isn’t controlled by some obammy lakey

    44. rob bennett

      Obama has been notified?? So What. It was a cop and 4 marines and his hatred of both is well documented. He is probably raising a glass.

    45. Cheryll Sanders

      I was raised Christian, but I’ve since converted to the light and so have my family. Now we are all communist, this is the best way to live. We don’t need borders, or possessions, the government should let us share everything. We are all the same. I’m having as many children as possible so the benefits of communism can spread throughout america (4 and countin). God bless

      • rob bennett

        God Bless?? Oh your poor, poor children. You should be spayed and the children you claim you do have removed you idiot.

      • Psi Clops

        That is so true. The sooner the government steps in and takes the land back, the sooner we can have a fairer society. I’m talking sharing land, no guns (except police) and full communism in effect. God bless America, Good work Cheryll (L) x

        • Chris Luke Cromwell

          This isn’t possible and even Vladimir Lenin knew this because he had to keep farms privatized to be enough of a incentive for farmers. When he tried to have them share land the food market crashed. Lenin ended up being satisfied with government having complete control of the hard industry (steel mills, manufacturers, textiles, etc).

      • Jei Ke

        So what your saying is, if I work hard, make sacrifices and become successful, I should give it to you and you can just lay on your back and make babies… ?

      • Bob

        You converted to the light from Christianity, then end your post with … God bless.

      • Jason

        You are guilty of child abuse by that statement!

      • Carol_in_Florida

        How about personal responsibility? Why would you think the rest of the country should pay your way…and that of your many children? You’re the problem, not the solution.

    46. katie

      > not about MEXICANS, or HISPANICS, but about ILLEGAL immigrants.
      A huge problem to be sure. How about addressing the nigger problem?

      • Jei Ke

        The what problem? Surely you are angry.. you need to know that not all, in fact the majority of African Americans do not support or have anything to do with what you are seeing on the news. In fact, they are the minority, only they get the most attention. What you are seeing is the product of Liberalism and Progressive attempt to re organize the social structure in America in order to separate and divide for the purpose of building a ruling political party know as the Democrats.

    47. BRadFord

      Put the fraud obama on the battlefield with nothing more than one of his good ideas and he will bleed to death in less than 5 minutes if he is not vaporised in
      a split second.
      Drop his dumb ass off over syria and see if Americans will pay for his release.
      Will not happen. Burry him in the same pit with Hitler.

    48. BRadFord

      The so called presidents national defense is a fraud just like the traitor in the white house. This liar is arming our enemies as this fraud would like to destroy all morality in the U.S., make Christianity against the law and institute Sharia law.
      Arrest Barry Soetoro and place him in G.I.T.M.O. with his allies

      • Jei Ke

        You seem to get it.. I applaud you.

    49. rob bennett

      liar. The S/o knowing that they would NOT PROSECUTE HIS CASE, requested his return to SF Custody. They, like almost every jurisdiction in the United States could have told the BOP that they did not want to prosecute the warrant and had it dismissed. LIAR. Go directly to Jail you M/F er.

    50. andre_lefebvre

      Juan Williams defends the right to not accuse the wrong people. OK. Bolling keeps saying it’s not about MEXICANS, or HISPANICS, but about ILLEGAL immigrants crimes stats. Williams keeps mixing – in his mind and talk – Trump and Eric Bolling’s comments and turns in circle.

      • BRadFord

        Williams is a joke. Just a clown in black face, Ignorant bastards like Juan is why no one believes a damn thing the media or this fool says.

    51. Mickey Finn

      Hulkster, thanks for hosting this. We cannot get Fox where we live without buying a crapload of Satellite channels we don’t want or need. Again, thanks and keep up the good work!

    52. rob bennett

      Geraldo Rivera who’s real, birth name is JERRY RIVERS, that’s right JERRY RIVERS only became Geraldo when it was necessary to be Latino to get a job. He needs to shut the F*CK up and go to mexico and live. Ask JERRY when you can about the time his sailboat sank and he could care less about the husband and wife who were ferrying it for him. Punk.

    53. BRadFord

      It is not news of any value when the commentators are selling their own books of their opinion of history. O’Really is just an actor trying to sell the wares of his employers and his own ideology for nothing more than propaganda and profit.
      If Bill were to give US the truth and what is actually going on he would no longer be able to cast his spin that starts here.

      • Larry

        Every cent of profit that O’Reilly makes on books goes to charity. Not saying I’m a sellout fan of his, but facts are facts.

    54. BRadFord

      Come on America. Can’t you see this fraud and traitor in the white house is bankrolling these terrorists. His agenda is to destroy America. Are Americans so blind they can’t see this fraud should be arrested and impeached before he creates WWIII for his employers the federal reserve? Is America going to have to suffer disaster before WE take actions against the criminals that are purposely enslaving Americans. Come on people. This corrupt government is not going to go away unless
      WE stop it.
      Unite to prevent this engineered criminal conspiracy to abolish
      the Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and your Freedom.
      Tyranny is at the door. Do not let them in.

      • Cheryll Sanders

        What on earth is America? You have been brainwashed. This land is our land. God bless

    55. rob bennett

      Rubio, are you freeking kidding me?????What debate is there concerning ILLFREAKINGLEGAL immigration. YOUR THE ONE WHO’S OUT OF TOUCH. DROP OUT YOUNG BOY.

    56. rob bennett

      Shut up LAWYER. This POS father,this punk, this ASSHOLE, this COWARD, where is your facebook page? How low can you go to fight for custody of your son instead of supporting your ex in the INTEREST OF YOUR CHILD. LAWYERS have RUINED a once great country.

      • BRadFord

        In Colorado it is still on the books that lawyers deserve 20 lashes for hanging up their shingle of decept.

    57. Isaac

      Why do the people on the five call hillary clinton out and then talk about how the media doesn’t call her out. I agree with what you’re saying but it annoys me that they pretend they aren’t the media.

      • jay101

        This is a auld trick,the bbc use, by not recognising that they are media they are able to try and present themselves as being higher,better more of a media watchdog rather than a competitor..Fox have well n truley outdone the bbc in this area and made it thier own….

        • whocares

          I was a all fox fan before last nights attack on Trump. Funny I don’t feel that way today.

    58. BRadFord

      WE don’t have to accept a damn thing. Get off your laurels and fight for freedom. As some people in the white house, congress and the supreme courts will accept bribes to destroy America it will take Americans that will not accept any compromise in the Constitution or The Bill Of Rights to save Liberty.
      Get up and save freedom. Death to tyranny and slavery imposed by corporate owned government. To hell with the corporatocracy and those that wish to impose it.
      America, one Nation under God.

      • ABetterTomorrow

        You will accept what The President tells you to accept.

        • BRadFord

          Your ignorance is not shared by the same kind of people that told King George and Hitler to kiss their as# and die.

        • BRadFord

          WE will not accept the lies and destruction of a tyrannical, godless, psychopath puppet dictator.
          As Hitler was destroyed so will the traitor, fraud and imposter Barry Soetoro, alias insane obama.

        • BRadFord

          WE will not accept the lies and fraud of this imposter Barry Soetoro. This fraud and puppet dictator is a slave to the corporate bankers that own government. This traitor does not represent the American People.
          Just as Hitler and many other psychopathic tyrants and cowards were destroyed so will this fraud insane obama.
          The legacy of this criminal that would enslave all Americans will be of those overthrown by people that value Freedom and Liberty over slavery.
          All the crimes ,death and destruction this imposter has caused with his cursed pen can and will be stricken from the records by Americans that will not accept tyranny.

    59. Rhonda Thompson

      trump 2016

    60. Rhonda Thompson

      our soldiers go fight for our freedoms just to come home to illegals running over our country

      • BRadFord

        It’s pathetic. When these corrupt politicians say it will be a long drawn out conflict you know who they are working for.
        The bankers that profit from both sides of war.
        WWII to less time to win than this ugly horror of death for profit war. America could end this problem today if the real enemy was destroyed, the federal reserve and all those that serve them.
        Wake up America. This corrupt government is purposely dividing US against each other and bringing in millions of illegal aliens from all over the world while supplying our enemies with nuclear weapons and billions of dollars.

      • Cheryll Sanders

        soldiers are illegals? lock down

    61. Cheryll Sanders

      I think America should just go back to communism. It’d be better for all of us

      • BRadFord

        Just move to communist china. It would be better for all of US. Take your stupid opinion and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. That’s what communism will do for you.

      • BRadFord

        Move to communist China and experience the horror of communism.
        WE don’t need people in America that have no desire for
        Freedom, Liberty, Personal and Private Property. You wouldn’t last 2 weeks in a communist or fascist regime.

      • Rhonda Thompson

        communism leads to deaths cheryll

        • whocares

          Like police and innocent people being murdered by the far left goon squad? Like we have seen for the last couple years?

    62. rob bennett

      KARL ROVE: SHUT THE F*CK UP AND SIMPLY GO AWAY. Your another idiot who never wants change. You Somehow expect the CUBAN PEOPLE TO overcome the daily propaganda fed to them without experiencing one on one meetings and greeting with the AMerican People. How in the HELL do you think East Germany and The USSR fell? AGAIN KARL, TAKE YOUR OLD SCHOOL, NIXON THINKING AND GO AWAY.

      • Jei Ke

        Cubans have little or no access to social media or the internet for that matter. They, like North Korea, have a government issued view of the US and the world. They must have direct communication with the US and its citizens as well as Social Media to break free from the conditioning imposed on them from this atrocious regime. Though Karl Rove is a smart guy, this is a new age.

    63. rob bennett

      Kelly, now stop and think this through. If Matt only had a .20GA shotgun in his possession, and a “BULLET” HOLE WA FOUND IN THE CAMPER AND IT WAS DETERMINED THAT THE ROUND WAS FIRED from the general vicinity of where Matt was, the SOMEONE had either a rifle or pistol. Shotguns do not fire bullets.

      • STEVE S


      • W

        Shotguns also shoot slugs. A 20ga. slug is approximately .62 caliber and will make a substantial hole in anything it hits within 50+ yards.

    64. Arthur Facteau

      This is a sad day for us all, all states now have no choice but to accept same sex marriage. Sodom and Gomorrah anyone? So much for a states rights.

      • mickymanatiso

        Sodom and Gomorrah wasn’t about same sex relations . Read the story .

        • Arthur Facteau

          Actually, I have, and have the capacity to go into the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and if you look at the story, the menfolk of the town wanted to rape the male guest, so yeah, that would be same sex.

        • BRadFord

          Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.
          Sexual immorality is the context of Sodom and Gamorrah.
          That would include beastyality, insest,pedophillia and homosexuallity.
          There will be and the issue has been raised that beastyality and pedophillia should be a lifestyle choice. There is no end to decadence or tyranny once social law and order are compromised.
          There can be no law without restraints on morality.

      • Walter

        WE don’t have to except a damn thing from people that accept bribes and ignore the law of the land. When corruption is the name of the game it has to be terminated.

    65. bruce banner

      P.Diddy throwing “dangerous kettle bell” at a coach? Yeah big news, almost as bad as when their reporter hurled a double edged axe at a guy.

      • rob bennett

        Bruce, Bruce Bruce. If you can’t tell the difference between an incompetent reporter doing some shtick and missing and a thug who can’t leave his brown son alone at COLLEGE football practice hurling a dangerous weapon at a coach who yelled at sonny boy. you really shouldn’t either comment or vote.

    66. Merlyn Mason

      A James Taylor album featuring Sting and Yo Yo Ma is a sure sign of the coming apocalypse.

    67. Walter

      The only explanation for this disastrous war of capturing territory only to give it away again and leave thousands of brave soldiers dead and billions of taxpayer funded weapons behind in the hands of the enemy is War is profitable for the Federal Reserve.
      Americans should be infuriated with the so called elected leaders.
      The corporation of the united states works to tax Americans for the profits of the criminal cartel of the federal reserve.
      WE no longer have any representation in the corporation.
      Take stock in America not bankers and politicians.

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