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  • John Rhogan

    Makes me glad I vote Democrat. The Republicans are anti-everything idiots!!

  • M0B33R

    Donald CHUMP is a walking piece of Orangutan Turd and if he wasn’t born into his money he would have been a NOBODY in life. People with his character don’t have alot of friends growing up and with his mouth he would have had his teeth knocked out at age 12.

  • John Rhogan

    The Republican Presidential nominess are all jokes, especially Donald Trump.

    I believe that Ben Carson & Carly Fiorina will fizzle out. Same with Trump & Christie.

    Republicans will never win the Latino & the LGBT votes, cause they’re stupid!!

  • dd

    Mr Universe you are able to express any opinion , but being rude and abusive is a reflection of unsocial behavior and lack of imagination. Please reconsider your behavior.

  • Andy Schubert

    Judicial masturbation..The massive Reich Wing wacko’s in congress couldn’t take one for the team so they had a high level Kapo do it.. Salesmen at the Insurance ” profit to kill people for profit” consortium..Lib’s are glowing about how wonderful the tyranny produces a profit on the old bottom line…

    A kapo or prisoner functionary (German: Funktionshäftling, see section Etymology) was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp who was assigned by the SS guards to supervise forced labor
    or carry out administrative tasks in the camp. Also called “prisoner
    self-administration”, the prisoner functionary system minimized costs by
    allowing camps to function with fewer SS personnel. The system was
    designed to turn victim against victim, as the prisoner functionaries
    were pitted against their fellow prisoners in order to maintain the
    favor of their SS guards. If they were derelict, they would be returned
    to the status of ordinary prisoners and be subject to other kapos. Many
    prisoner functionaries were recruited from the ranks of violent criminal
    gangs rather than from the more numerous political, religious and
    racial prisoners; those were known for their brutality toward other
    prisoners. This brutality was tolerated by the SS and was an integral
    part of the camp system.

    Prisoner functionaries were spared physical abuse and hard labor,
    provided they performed their duties to the satisfaction of the SS
    guards. They also had access to certain privileges, such as civilian
    clothes and a private room.[1] While the Germans commonly called them kapos, the official government term for prisoner functionaries was Funktionshäftling.

    These f–ker’s gonna hit you up at the door on the way out…Help me out mister Binney,Aaron Swartz Snowden. …

  • Dbydesign Holmes

    Let’s keep it clean. Name calling is for children, not adults. Peace**

  • Real Brother Radio Network™

    Racists butthurt again their STUPID has failed them. Are we really surprised? You can’t simply murder ppl you can’t compete with. #BlackMediaMatters TKCAL

  • Mr. Universe

    Feel free to ban me altogether, bitch.

    • John Rhogan

      If if I don’t agree with your opinion, I’m not gonna tell you keep your opinion to yourself.

      Not sure how you consider Brian Williams a fictional character, but that’s your opinion, and I respect you for that.

  • Mr. Universe

    You let my appreciation of Lester Holt go yet moderate my critique of Williams?

    If only my opinion of the lack of free speech could be posted here. I guess not.

  • Mr. Universe

    Really? I mean really?

  • Jean-Michel Ormand

    Bobby (Piyush) Jindal is the worse governor in Louisiana’s history. Worse than Huey P. Long. He has drastically cut social programs and he has repeatedly blocked lawsuits against BP Oil for that terrible disaster in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back. Piyush Jindal is a corporate strumpet for BP Oil. He is in bed with corporations and the Duck Dynasty clan (he has publicly stated many times that his minor children adore Duck Dynasty and that it is the best show on television. This sounds like an insane person and one who is self-loathing about his heritage and his looks! He changed his religion from Hindu to Catholicism, his name from Piyush to Bobby (says after Bobby Brady from The Brady Bunch); and has made war on the poor (which go against the teachings of The Catholic Faith). Now he thinks wants to be president! Bozo the Clown would be much greater candidate than Piyush!

  • M0B33R

    Walmart and every other Retailer that sell goods from known countries that use slave/child workers or get paid slave wages should remove all of those items as well.

  • DougG

    To Brian Williams,
    The fictional character, police Sgt. Joe Friday would very often say, “Just the facts, Ma’am. Just the facts.”
    This time around, try to stick to the facts. Recognize that your job is to report facts. Leave your ego at home.

    • Mr. Universe

      Like Joe Friday, Brain Williams can occasionally be a fictional character.

    • Mr. Universe

      Williams could be considered a fictional charater.

  • John Rhogan

    Of course, Fox News is having a field day over the President using the N-Word. Can’t say I’m surprised.

  • PacoRabon

    ED can be proud that he made Bernie a liar. MSNBC should be proud, after repeatedly saying that he wasn’t going to run for president Ed’s persistance paid off. MSNBC has turned Bernie into a regular politician, just to give Hillary competition since Sen. Warren kept her word not to run and not to be a flip floper, true to her word..many people won’t vote for Bernie just because of that, he’s a flip floper,, thanks Ed, he should be replaced with Michael to get back it’s credidability.

  • billy

    Really! Another Bush in the White House?…Are you just Gluttons for Punishment, or just Stupid now???

    • M0B33R

      Definitely STUPID. Just look at the idiots they keep electing like Cruz, Perry, Pick a Bush.

  • gail lilly

    Obama’s focus was the right one: yes, the people of Charleston have shown us courage nurtured by compassion. However, if we focus on Charleston’s magnificent response to violence vs. focus on guns, and on persisting racism the chance for substantive change will be lost- at least for now. It seems wise to avoid the temptation of going off-track as we have in the past. What can we do to mitigate racial hatred? How do we make ourselves feel safe enough to give up guns. Guns do not confer safety. Racism does not elevate anyone.

    • Dbydesign Holmes

      I am so with you on this point. Things are getting all aschew and the point is being missed entirely due to so many unfortunate, misguided opinions. Now here’s my honest opinion. Yes, the president is right so far as it goes, but there should be a nation of other “righters” to bounce off of his more recent statements regarding race in America.

      And while I’m venting, I believe in forgiveness in all it’s glory (because it has been bestowed upon me from time-to-time), however, if I just witnessed my parent, brother, sister, father or son just get murdered in front of me, the first thing out of my mouth (after I stopped the fool from reloading his piece) would be “JUSTICE”. I, as most people would have to go through the stages of grief first (in this order). First, anger, justice, resintment, pissivity, sadness and then feeling the loss. But justistice, would forever ring in my ears until I was satisfied with the outcome. Peace**

  • Jean-Michel Ormand

    Mike Huckabee is dangerous! There is NOTHING Christian about that ‘hiding behind religion’ idiot! He could not even say that his defense of the confederate flag, in the past and now, is wrong! Mike Huckabee cares nothing about America or The Constitution of the United States. If he was president, his agenda would be turning America into a religious state (just like Iran). Only a fool would vote for an idiot like Huckabee. He like other ‘hiding behind religion’ folks uses this horrible tragedy in Charleston as a tool to push forward their agenda of hate (which they deny is such), discrimination, intolerance (oh, they spew the word tolerance when it has to do with religion, but for all other things, they don’t care about tolerance). Hypocrites!

  • Mr. Universe

    Lester is a good choice. And we still get Brian

  • Jean-Michel Ormand

    I just saw the segment on Dr. Ben Carson and the African-American guest encouraging voters to give republicans a chance and stop the democrats from having a monopoly on the African-American community. Does this guest realize that Dr. Ben Carson has made some very troubling comments about the Holocaust and about slavery. He says that slaves were happier and better off back then than now. What African-American with a brain will support or accept an insane person like Dr. Ben Carson. Republicans DO NOT CARE ABOUT people of color, and Dr. Ben Carson cares NOTHING about people of color he is an Uncle Tom!







  • Jens Lars Glad

    Usa and it gun lov is the problem in you contry we dont see it her in Denmark

  • Scott Falk

    …And now, for some History……

    Did you know that:

    The battle flag was never adopted by the Confederate Congress, never flew over any state capitols during the Confederacy, and was never officially used by Confederate veterans’ groups. The flag probably would have been relegated to Civil War museums if it had not been resurrected by the resurgent KKK and used by Southern Dixiecrats during the 1948 presidential election.

    Southern historian Gordon Rhea further wrote in 2011 that:

    It is no accident that Confederate symbols have been the mainstay of white supremacist organizations, from the Ku Klux Klan to the skinheads. They did not appropriate the Confederate battle flag simply because it was pretty. They picked it because it was the flag of a nation dedicated to their ideals: ‘that the negro is not equal to the white man’. The Confederate flag, we are told, represents heritage, not hate. But why should we celebrate a heritage grounded in hate, a heritage whose self-avowed reason for existence was the exploitation and debasement of a sizeable segment of its population?

  • Chrisap

    Why does Lindsay Graham seem so nervous? He keeps mentioning people being killed for their religion, doesn’t he realize the killer killed because the people were a different race? Graham seems so nervous.

  • Mary

    So glad to hear that Brian Williams is joining the MSNBC team. Although I had hoped to see him back on the nightly news (I’ve really missed his broadcasts), at least he is back. So Glad!!

  • mishywho

    The biggest problem I have with the Duggar parents is the fact that they themselves do not have hearts of forgiveness. These are the same people that stated that incest should be punishable with death – yet their son was incestuous with their own daughters and their babysitter. They stated that their God was a forgiving God and thus Josh was forgiven for his “mistake”.

    Just like many other self-righteous Christians they believe “Don’t do as we do, do as we say – or else!”

    • ric berry

      mishywho,it strikes me as a parent that the sisters were “asleep” and touched thru their underwear,but a sleeping babysitter thru the underwhere???….i ain’t buying that. Obviously “Jim Bobs” genetic command to have sex has passed on to his boys. If Daddy and Mommy copulate constantly,the kids either saw or heard it. Some example to the community they are! Constantly pregnant,…not even the women of Duck Dynasty are that crazy.

    • Edward Ross

      Mishywho, I couldn’t agree more. You have hit the proverbial “nail on the head”.

    • Alfred

      What exactly is flase victomhood

      exacly what is the false victimhood?

  • http://MSNBC bradley riedel

    I already told you morons how to solve the Iraq/Syria/ISIS problem…fly all the murderers in our prisons over there, more than enough to take down ISIS, give them the weapons we give to half the world when they land there, and let them fight for their freedom…any questions? I’m waiting…their plane ticket is one month in prison, and their weapons another month, so in one year you’re 10 months ahead in costs, still questions??

    • http://msnbc ric berry

      Not bad,but I think you should throw the Hells Angels and the Bandidos for organizational skills ISIS lacks.

      • Bradley Riedel

        This would be the first “War” we will fight and win and actually SAVE money…..

    • Roger Sales

      Wow, Looks like you are the moron.

    • SteveCO

      What a goober religious whack job, like Jim Jones.

  • BJR

    So Michael Steele knows all about life, andcall the problems with our Country, maybe he should move to

    Detroit…your take Michael, Mr. paradym? Really? You’re a joke factory, get away. I’ll buy your plane ticket..asshole

  • DougG

    I am a 70-year-old citizen of Baltimore, MD. I was born and raised here.

    Recently there has been a discussion about a memorial for Freddie Gray at the spot where Gray was arrested. It occurred to me that a single memorial is not what is actually needed.

    The location, or in this case, LOCATIONS, for Freddie Gray memorials should not be at the spot where Freddie Gray was arrested, as many are advocating.
    Since his ultimate demise was CAUSED BY A CONSPIRACY, let me suggest the locations where to place those memorials, since those locations are the KEY SPOTS from which those CONSPIRATORS operate.

    1) The first memorial should be placed at the main entrance to what the late reporter and columnist, Gregory Kane, called the KREMLIN ON NORTH AVENUE. That is the location of the administrative offices of the BALTIMORE CITY SCHOOL SYSTEM. The school system in this city is horrible, and has been for decades.

    2) A second memorial should be placed at the entrance to the MARYLAND GENERAL ASSEMBLY which has adamantly refused to even consider a program to help poverty stricken citizens by providing school vouchers for them, in spite of the several successes around the country for vouchers in other school systems.

    3) A third memorial DEFINITELY should to be placed at the door to CONGRESSMAN ELIJAH CUMMINGS’ WASHINGTON OFFICE. After all, in his own words while on TV in during the riots, he stated that he has served that Sandtown-Winchester community for 30 years. It is too bad that there wasn’t a reporter present who would have asked Congressman Cummings a very tough question right there on the street where his constituents live. That question would have been prefaced by suggesting for him to look around at the poverty and devastation in that community. Then the reporter should have simply asked, “HOW IS WORKING OUT FOR THOSE WHOM YOU CLAIM TO REPRESENT?”
    It seems to me that 30 years of OBVIOUSLY failed work by Cummings would be recognized as, at the very least, ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENCE AND MALFEASANCE in office.

    There is a lot of blame to go around for the death of Freddie Gray, but the ROOT CAUSES of that death lies at the doors of failed government by power hungry fools.

    • Steve V

      Absolutely perfect comment except Cummings should also be asked what is he doing NOW to help the community he has represented for 30 years. Seems like he’s living on his laurels from the 60’s.

    • Irwin Mainway

      You know that punk Gray after being lawfully arrested for an ILLEGAL WEAPON, with dope dealing priors, surely mouthed off to the cops in the van, who just decided to have some fun.
      However they messed up his neck arresting him so it ended tragically.
      No one was “murdered” the States Attorney is an ultra-radical leftist cop-hater.

    • The P

      Doesn’t surprise me that a 70 year old has the viewpoints you do. Rest assured, your time is over. We are becoming more civilized as time goes on, and by the time the baby boomers die, your authoritarian racist way of life will be gone forever. Until then, you can keep being mad about black people getting elected. It’s ok.

      • DougG

        To ‘The P’.
        Are you referring to me as racist?? If so, what part or parts of my posting would you call racist?

        1) I criticized the Baltimore City school system which has failed horribly to provide a good education to the children in Baltimore City, most of whom are black. Sadly, that has been the case for decades. How is that opinion racist?

        2) I criticized the Maryland State Legislature for refusing to provide school vouchers for poor children in Baltimore City, once again, most of whom are black. The voucher system in Washington DC has helped to place many poor black children into good schools with excellent results. How is that opinion racist?

        3) I criticized a member of the U.S. Congress who has done next to nothing that has had a positive effect to lift his constituents from under the horrible weight of poverty. He has quote-unquote, ‘represented’ those constituents for 30 years. Look around that neighborhood and please point out the wonderful uplifting results of Mr. Cummings work. I don’t believe for a minute that there is no one else from the Sandtown-Winchester community who could actually do a better job. How is that opinion racist?

        And would you please explain your prejudice against 70-year-old citizens?

      • SteveCO

        By the time you witless Huckabee Youth have shot yourselves or gotten arrested for sex crimes, we’ll all be….well, living the lives of normal people. I take it you’re a relative of the christian butthole incestuous clan of stupid?

        Not you, ScabulousP.

  • someone

    Chris Christie’s playing Presidential candidate. He should be keeping his fat ass in New Jersey governing, not trying to make a name for himself in the Republican Walk of Shame.

    Also, Bobby Jindal just killed his Presidential dream.

  • Personette

    Dear C.O. And others,
    I am an old expat Baltimorean who was young, and a nursing student in the late 60’s when the race riots occurred in Baltimore City, and the city was on fire. Our hospital had to be surrounded by the National Gurad to protect the sick, and our employees, many of whom were black and could not return to their homes after working their shifts. What is true about everyone’s comments is that there is and has always been a human tendency to see differences between skin color and rank and privilege, as an indication of human worth. Unless we are ALL willing to leave our assumptions behind, to teach our youth and our cops that violence does not give them the respect or control they seek, to teach whites and blacks that color is not a predictor of character, and to understand that the circumstances of birth or wealth are not a guarantee of one’s ultimate worth to the planet, we will not change the tragic course we are on together. I would pray that each of you make a single small effort to reach out to someone you see as an adversary, someone you believe is not like you, and truly understand their soul. The barriers will fall, and you will be changed, and that will be where a new future begins for us all.


      How about stupidity of human or man as the case maybe, no wonder God regretted after creating man. if man is not stupid then, l don’t think we should worry about race. come to think of it, we have different kind and types of plants, trees, birds, animals, flowers, shrubs, fishes with different shapes, sizes and colors but when it comes to man we fight over what color God created a man. skin color that we have no control over.. if God were to ask each and everyone of us before He create man of course everyone would choose where he or she will be born, who his father and mother will be, choose what shape of nose we will like. many of us will choose to be born into a rich family but these are not mans decision to make.. How come man is so obsessed over what we have no control over if not that man is stupid, foolish and dumb when it comes to race its still beat my imagination.

  • bradley

    Gee, it’s funny that the NTSB isn’t responsible for their job! I would sue your agency after a train crash like this latest one, you’re lucky you still have a job you you know why I stopped paying taxes….idiots…which city in Florida is your vacation home in , or is it in another Country???..Who do you think your kidding? The poor, the Walmart workers?!?

  • rhoda

    Notic e the last 2 letters in Kelly and Oreilly? LY. was disappointed to hear Mikka call one of her guests condescending week of may 4; Attorney Murphy. Had he been a she or Caucasian would she have? I saw a guest kiss on a segment once and she did not say a thing! Has she taken notice of her cohost at times? WHEW!

  • BJ Sampson

    I don’t like riots but I hate to see people being killed by the people who are supposed to protect them more.

  • http://facebook John

    You do realize that three of the six officers were black. The one with most sever charges is black. I find this odd, how about you

  • Steve

    If they hadn’t destroyed property you wouldn’t be commenting on this. No one was paying attention to this until property was destroyed. No one cared that another young black man was killed by the police until property was destroyed. Blame yourself that it came to this.

  • grateful908

    How much coverage are they getting with the peaceful protests??? How much coverage did they get when they were really pissed??? And how can Baltimore PD vow to get the guys that injured one of their own and at the same time not give a damn about who killed Freddy ??? This whole country is itching for a civil war. Let the Police keep killing people with no repercussions and they’re going to see what a big mistake they’re making.

  • Lisa

    Could you please educate your reporter that “Paddy Wagon” is not the proper name of the vehicle the BPD is using to transport people. “Paddy wagon” is actually a racial slur. Do your homework. Let’s be professional folks!

    • DougG

      Lisa, Paddy wagon is not a racial slur. The Irish are NOT a race. How ’bout YOU be professional, and do YOUR homework??

      • marko

        Hey Dougie

        We’re ALL the same ‘RACE’ … Paddy Wagon is an ETHNIC SLUR WHICH HAS BECOME known AS A RACIAL SLUR! Do YOUR homework!

        • DougG


          There IS a difference between an ethnic slur and a racial or racist slur. I simply pointed out that ‘paddy wagon’ is NOT a racial slur.

          An ethnic group or ethnicity is a population group whose members identify with each other on the basis of COMMON NATIONALITY (my caps) or shared cultural traditions.

          The term race refers to the concept of dividing people into populations or groups on the basis of various sets of PHYSICAL (my caps) characteristics (which usually result from genetic ancestry).

          Regarding the term ‘paddy wagon':
          The most prevalent theory is based on the term “Paddy” a common Irish shortening of Padraig, (Patrick in English), which was most often used as an ethnic slur to refer to Irish people. Irishmen made up a large percentage of the officers of early police forces in many American cities. Thus, this theory suggests that the concentration of Irish in the police forces led to the term “paddy wagon” being used to describe the vehicles driven by police.

          Yet another theory holds that “paddy wagon” was originally “patty wagon,” a nickname for “patrol wagon.” In the same manner that police cars are called patrol cars today, there were no cars when the term “patrol wagon” was first used, explaining why people don’t say “paddy car” for patrol car.

          It ain’t rocket science, Marko. I did my homework. And, YES, I did ‘copy and paste’ most of this post.
          Try not to get your shorts is such a knot.

        • Tony

          Go to Dublin Ireland and walk down Lower Gardiner Street, you’ll see a business called ‘Paddywagon Tours”. walk in and tell the lovely people there that their business name is an Ethnic slur.

          Americans of Irish descent and a peculiarly sensitive disposition might find the word offensive.. but the Irish themselves clearly don’t and neither do I.. Born in Ireland myself. Though I now live in England.

        • Irish Traveller

          The Irish themselves aren’t so sensitive. Im irish and Im not even remotely sensitive. an “ethnic slur”? you’re joking right? heres a tip.. pop over to Ireland, Dublin and have a stroll down Lower Gardiner Street and pop into Paddywagon Tours and complain about the name of their business.. try to convince them this is an Ethnic slur.

        • DougG

          Go to a dictionary, either online or printed version, and look up the definitions of ‘ethnicity’ and ‘race’. There is a distinct difference between the two.
          Also, if you look up the origins of the term ‘paddy wagon’, one of theories is that it may have originated from the term ‘patrol car’, but as a reference as a ‘patrol wagon’.
          In any case, Paddy Wagon is NOT a racial slur. If it’s a slur, it is an Ethnic Slur.
          It ain’t rocket science.

    • Culkin

      Lisa, you’re thinking of Mickey Wagon, that IS racist. Paddy Wagon is not.

    • ric berry

      Lisa,are leprechauns being slurred in this term,or does it infer 4 Irish and 1 bottle of Scotch? ddric

  • jac

    you are so on point america open your eyes, ears and hearts. we have declared war on our own people with the false war on drugs and mass incarceration, etc.

  • Brian

    I concur with your summary 100%. People feel the need to vilify the people protesting. That is ridiculous. The issue is not related to obedience or disobedience. it’s related to the way that law enforcement have chosen to demonstrate their authority to black man, women and children. There is a double standard. If they sit by and let these things happen to them, it doesn’t get any better. they don’t have lot of choices. Local politicians listen to big business, not their constituents. Poor people have no voice. all they can do is make people pay attention and this is the only way they can get people to do that. Good or bad, it is necessary. No one is enjoying this! If someone in the BPD isn’t prosecuted for this crime, well, I’d hate to be in Baltimore (or a few other big US cities).

    You have my support people of Baltimore!!

  • Robert

    Were you drunk when you wrote this. Did you really go back to that old trope,.. hippies. ” aw geez wally are the hippies back?”… BOO! I have long hair. . You sound like a very scared old man. Grab your shotgun, head to the root cellar and mumble. Ward Cleaver is not coming back to comfort you. Oy